New Drummer!

With yesterday’s gig announcement, you’re probably wondering who exactly is keeping rhythm for us. Chris has indeed left us, and our silence over September has been because we’ve been training his replacement.

We were lucky this time. By some miracle we found a new drummer within a week of Chris announcing his intentions. This guy has taken to our material like a duck to water, allowing us to get back out and playing with a six week turnaround.

This man has an international flavour: he’s Italian, and his previous experience includes a stint with a party band in Poland. He now joins the tour de force that is Harlequin’s Kiss.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce that the man making his debut on sticks with us at the Haygate in Telford is none other than Giulio Tarantino! He hits the stage with us for the first time on 3rd October, when we support Fear Me December.